Pocketmoni Agency

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) introduced a policy on cash based transactions aimed at reducing the country’s dependence on a cash economy and reducing the inherent costs of moving cash that banks and other financial institutions incur in 2011

In view of this, eTranzact – Nigeria’s most trusted mobile money giant, has launched a fully automated mobile banking system known as PocketMoni to enable Nigerians move money and do all other monetary transactions without physical cash.

With PocketMoni, you can send & receive money from your phone anywhere in Nigeria, buy airtime of all networks in Nigeria, buy air tickets, tie all your bank accounts to your phone, receive and transfer money from any bank account in Nigeria, pay utility bills such as PHCN, DSTV, MYTV, HITV, TRENDTV + so many other vendors.

To get started, all you need do is text “Reg FirstName LastName 001278” (Example: Reg Annabel John 001278) & send to 20220 and you’ll be signed up immediately. SMS costs 10 naira only! Approved by Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) & powered by eTranzact.

Because of the simplicity and effectiveness of PocketMoni, millions of Nigerians are rushing to start using the platform. As a result, eTranzact is currently accepting individuals to register as Agent to help make PocketMoni a household brand.

How to Register as a PocketMoni Agent
To register as a PocketMoni agent get Pocketmoni agent form here The agent enrolment form has different fields, fill each field correctly and Submit back to us via mail solunetng@gmail.com.

Pocketmoni Agent Requirements:
Fill the Agent enrolment form.
A phone for PocketMoni.
Pay an N10,000 agent registration fee.
Special Mobile money training organized by PocketMoni.
Submit a scanned copy of the following documents;

  • Three months Bank Account Statement (Active Account)
  • Duly signed application form
  • Means of identification (Driver’s license/International passport/National ID Card)
  • Current Proof of address (Utility Bill)
  • Guarantor’s form (attached) with the guarantor’s passport photograph, complimentary card or means of identification
  • Prove of payment for agent registration, for immediate confirmation.

Roles of Pocketmoni Agent

  1. To help customers facilitate transactions such as Cash deposits, withdrawals, transfers, bill payments, Airtime top-up, etc.
  2. Registering and recruiting new users.
  3. You will assist customers in resolving user issues where necessary.

Benefits Of Pocketmoni Agent

Agents earn 3% to 5% from airtime purchases. All agents are entitled to commission from the transactions of  their registered users. Agents earn a minimum N100 to N1000 of the convenience fee paid by customers at their location.

How To Fund Your PocketMoni Account

Here will be discussing a number of ways you can fund your PocketMoni Account. Some of these ways include:

  • PocketMoni agent,
  • eTranzact cards and partner banks

To credit your PocketMoni account via partner banks. You need to add or link your credit card (verve card, Visa card, MasterCard and eTranzact debit cards) with your PocketMoni account.

Kindly send a scanned copy of the documents as mentioned above to solunetng@gmail.com for processing and agent activation

For further enquiries call 08171099218

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